Friday, July 25, 2008

Who's Controlling Your Anger?

On the heels of anger, I want to go a little bit deeper into what God really wants us to do and how He wants us to release. I have seen that this anger issue can cause a great deal of pain, whether noticed or unnoticed. As I revert back to the bible I find an angry woman, Athaliah, in 2 Chronicles 21-23. She is filled with anger and will stop at nothing to obtain power and destroy God's people. She even killed her own grandchildren to make sure she was in control. It was a happy day in the city when she was slain and her reign of terror came to an end. This type of violence and vengeance is seen throughout the world today as there are many "Athaliah's" that have lashed out at everyone from the realities of their life. Some "Athaliah's" deny that anything is wrong with them. It is often someone else's fault for their anger problem. It is someone else who caused them to lash out. They are always the victim. They reacted instead of acting in a way that God suggests. Are these excuses really viable or are we trapping ourselves in our own anger?

I know it can be difficult to let go of the worldly anger, but letting go is the only way for Jesus to truly help you and for you to show your love for Him. Sometimes it's our past that releases unhealthy anger issues into our present, and sometimes future, which can be detrimental to our lives. Living in the past with anger, can only leave you in the past with the same anger. Nothing good will come about just unhealthy patterns. As believers in Christ, we have to stand firm and trust God to overtake our enemies by having them become our footstools. No amount of anger or vengeance that the enemy has against us will throw a monkey wrench in Gods plans. His plan is more definite that the enemy's plans. So what can we do now that will show God our true and undying commitment to Him? Matthew 5:43-44 "You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." I know this is easier said than done, but be honest and ask God to help you in this area and watch the reaction you get from your enemies based on your loving action. They will not know what has happened, but you will.

Well, what if we decide to try and handle the situation ourselves? It's called rebellion. Then, if we become rebellious, what are we telling God? That we are in control. That we have authority over our lives. That we are the ones who know the plan. NO! We are defying and disobeying God and planting a seed of discontentment. We are seeking our own satisfaction and falling short of God's purpose. We then become blind to the fact that God has a plan for our life and we give up any resolution that God has in store. When we trust in the face of challenging circumstances and desire His outcome, our thoughts of rebellion will soon fade away.

So what is the answer to our anger? Trust in Him at ALL times and have self-control. Choose to control your anger with love; loving thoughts, loving actions, and loving feelings. Don't allow anyone but God to have that much control over you by submitting to His will. Saying yes to God and no to outside enticements is a strength that activates our healthy gifts from God. Our self control is a personal discipline that shows God that yes we are obedient to you and yes we will take a stand for you. We have to be "self-controlled" in order to stay focused on the kingdom of God. Relinquish your own control and anger and acknowledge that God has the final control. Study the word of God, meditate on it daily, pray for peace in the midst, and exercise God's will in your life. Now that is what I call self-control!

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