Monday, August 4, 2008

Condemn Me Not!


So who saved you?

Grace & Mercy

Look at her! Look at Grace. She is God's special gift to us. She is something that is given to us when we don't deserve her. She follows us. She upholds us. She supports us. She sees us through life, death, and our darkest moments. She is all around us. She is forever upon us. She provides hope for the future. She gives us power to leave our sin in the past. We can't do anything to stop her. Oh, but wait a minute! Grace is not by herself. She is accompanied by Mercy. She is God's compassion on us. She doesn't judge. She helps us. These two of a kind deserve of our thanks. They deserve our praise everyday.

What are you condemning yourself and others for today?

Are you that woman in John 8 who was brought in by the Pharisees as she was caught in the act of adultery? It was commanded that she be stoned but Jesus said ...“He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” Even though your sin may not have been adultery, you may have been prosecuted in front of peers for your sin. Your stoning may have been the destroying of your reputation. The pain of being caught or exposed may have hurt so deeply that you can't bring yourself to look forward and not be afraid. You may think that everyone who looks at you may know what you were really about. When your deepest fear and need of saving is near, guess what? Jesus steps right in! He is willing to forgive you, writing your sin in dust for it to blow away. He paid the price for us and He provides us with the reassurance that we can't do anything to stop His grace & mercy.

So how do you thank God for His Grace & Mercy?

Simply, just say "thank you". Remember this one important thing, God does not condemn you for your past sins as long as you have repented, he forgives you. You have left behind your sin. Grace & mercy have given you undeserved favor, unexpected acceptance, and unconditional love. We do not see these two watching over us but we can surely walk with our head held high and believe that God has poured out His grace & mercy. Don't ever feel as though you are being condemned for past sins. Don't ever allow yourself to condemn yourself for things in the past that have been erased. Don't bring up old dirt! Know that the Lord is your shepherd, you do walk in the shadow of death but you will not fear evil because His goodness and mercy will follow you ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE. Make the choice today and receive grace & mercy into your heart and thank God for his gracious gifts.

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