Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Something Great is About to Happen!!!

Wow!!! My blessing is on the way!!! These past couple of weeks have been stormy and rough but my God, my God, my blessing must be big!!! I heard in a song "the bigger the trial, the bigger the blessing". I just know it and I can feel it. I am confident that the Lord is about to do some things in my life that even I had not predicted. You know why??? Because this is what I expect Him to do! Yes! I expect God to come through for me. I expect God to increase my finances. I expect God to move my enemies out of the way. I expect God to heal me. I expect God to follow through on His promises. I expect God to mold me into what He wants me to be. I expect God to nurture and protect me. I expect God to give me peace while the storms are raging. I expect God to give me beauty for my ashes. I expect God to be faithful to me. I expect God to see me through to my dreams and vision. Yes! I expect, expect, expect!!!

I have the confidence in God to boldly declare what I expect from Him. My relationship with Him is why I have this confidence. I am confident in His ability to do all things. My confidence begins with my faith in God. I know who my Father is; He is my deliverer, my healer, my way maker, my protector, my confidant. He is a God who I can call my "daddy" in times of need. He keeps me in line when I start to veer off. He makes a way out of no way. My God has my back. Another confidence booster is my faith in His word. His word is hidden in my heart. His word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. His word is flawless. His word is living.

This confidence should be in all who have a relationship with Christ. When our confidence is truly enveloped within Christ, we can have the expectation that God is up to something and that something is greatly received. We should be able to truly enjoy life without looking at our circumstances or believing the things that we see. Trusting God's plans for our life and the promises He has made is what we need to focus on. So today, I am expecting God to do more than I have ever expected. I have raised my expectations to what God has already said I can have and will have as long as I obey. I will believe Him for abundance; not only in money but in life. I will be blessed coming in and going out. I have hope and confidence that He will see me through according to my faith and no matter what it may look like now........I will expect a miracle!!!

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God's Trophy of Grace said...

Praise God! You are right! I feel it in my spirit too, that our Lord is about to give us break throughs. Some of us have been going through so many trials and tests and we have been faithful to praise God anyways! We have kept our eyes on Him, the source of our Hope and Strength. Because of His loving kindness and mercy He is blessing us. He is blessing us both spiritually and financially because we have chosen to stay on the narrowroad. His Spirit has kept us. We have not turned to the left or the right. Glory be to God! What a might God we serve!