Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Power starts with

Job 42:2 “I know that You can do everything, And that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You."

The book of Job opens with dialogue between God and Satan concerning Job. Job was a man that lived as a devoted follower of God. Satan insisted that Job only served God because God had blessed Job with family and wealth. So God allowed Satan to do anything to prove Job's faithfulness. Job's faithfulness was tested when he suffered the loss of all his livestock, servants, ten children, was covered in sores from head to toe, and friends asserting that he had sinned against God. Even though all of this was happening, Job did not defy God but still trusted in Him. Not only did Job get tested in his faithfulness but Job's wife was tested too. When the tests came Job's way, Job's wife cried out "Curse God and die!" (Job 2:9).

These words provide such disgust in the way Job was suffering and the way Job's wife felt at the time to see a loved one suffer at the hands of the one whom you serve. Remember this also, she was suffering from the lost of the ten children. Her faith was staggering and she didn't understand what was happening at that moment.

Haven't we all gone through suffering periods where we felt like God was punishing us and we asked "Why God?"

As we read through Job we come to see that God is still in control. He blessed Job in his latter days more than what was in his past because Job stayed true to his devotion. As we walk down the path that God has laid before us, it is important that we trust Him and never let Satan deter us from our dreams. God knows the plans he has for us and if we will just live on purpose, God will protect us and see us through. As women of God, we have to know that we are going through a process. This process is necessary to help strengthen us for the passion and the drive that is about to explode within. No matter what is going on around us or the people who we encounter, we have to pray, persevere, and praise our way into the victorious life that God has planned. Prepare yourself by keeping positive people around you who are on a divine journey to the promised land. Every obstacle we overcome and every trial that we endure is only for our perfection in Christ. The fact is that you are a chosen woman of God and to walk with a promise in your hearts and proclaim the word of God is paradise. Let patience have her perfect work and allow the peace of God to overtake you as you press your way with the POWER inside of you!

Job 42:12 "Now the LORD blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning..."

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