Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Fine!

Watching t.v. and looking at magazines today sometimes displays a very unrealistic portrait of woman. We see beautifully sculpted bodies, flawless skin, flowing hair, etc. When we look at these images of women, we tend to compare ourselves and start feeling depressed when we don't have her eyes or her hair or her body. We only see the after but if we could see the before, we would think twice. We all have things that we would like to change or make better, but we shouldn't feel that our bodies are not up to par based on what we "think" we see. Yes, we have heard of air brushing and photo enhancements but that image we see today is being instilled into the very young lives of little girls who don't have a true sense of self. This is and can be damaging in the long run. So in order to appreciate what God is doing for your inner strength, you have to be grateful for your outer beauty.

When referring to our body insecurities as "flaws" what are we really saying and are these insecurities really "flaws" or society's opinion of what we should look like?

Well I want to talk about women and loving yourself, outside the self imposed image that is embedded in our minds. First we must realize where we come from and why we were created. We all know that God put Adam into a deep sleep, took out one of his ribs, closed him up and created another life: woman (Genesis 2:21-23). Now we were made to be suitable helpers. Helpers in the sense of a function not your worth. God created us as a trusted friend, a wife, and a confidante. This is our role. It is a celebration to be created with the expectation of encourager, supporter, and an empowered soul. We are God's strong tower for man. So don't lose yourself in man thinking you are inferior. You are a representation of humanity, you bring life and you nurture life. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) and no other human being can take that away or lessen what God has made greater. You are a jewel worthy of greatness. Don't become entangled in this world's deception of your beauty. Instead focus on what God says about you, where you come from, and why you have come. You are a magnificent creation, inside as well as outside, destined to be the crowning glory of man. Rejoice in the thickness of your thighs, the way your butt looks in those jeans, the pout of your lips, the stature of your body.... it is you!
Walk around your house naked, in front of mirrors, and accept all that God has made you to be. Lift your heads up high and walk in boldness just as you are, a gorgeous woman who loves herself just as she is.
Mary J. Blige - Just Fine
So I like what I see when I’m looking at me
When I’m walking past the mirror
No stress through the night, at a time in my life
Ain’t worried about if you feel it
Got my head on straight, I got my mind right
I aint gonna let you kill it
You see I wouldn’t change my life, my life’s just….. fine!

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