Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

Al Hayes (1946-2004)

He may have departed from this earth early but he left footprints on the hearts of many.

The Love of a Father

The love of a father can not be explained in words but it definitely shows in actions. He was a man that taught me many things through the years that when I grew up, those same values are instilled in me today. My father was a man of great strength and courage and he knew how to take care of his family. Family was top priority on his list, right after God, because he knew the blessings given to him by God on this earth. The love of family kept him going for 57 years. He was a family gathering, always cooking, and talking noise kind of man. He always made sure he had a good time wherever he would go. Everyone knew that Al was coming before they saw him appear. Everyone heard that big mouth. Although he may have stepped on someone's toes with his talking but best believe he was telling the truth.

The love I have for my father can never be taken nor duplicated for any other man. I can remember me growing up as a little girl that always wanted to follow her father. I used to dress like him, walk like him, and talk like him (and still do). He was teaching me life skills on how to survive early even though I didn't get the point right away. The values that I picked up before his death are so greatly appreciated now that I find myself today using those same analogies like they are something new. He showed me that his love came in all forms. He would show love in cooking, buying presents, or just by giving advice (whether you wanted it or not). His love spread throughout his family and my mothers from mother-in-laws to sister-in-laws and from nieces to nephews. He was always the same person when you met him. Everyone knew when Al came around that he was just like family. He never met a stranger. He didn't care who you were or what title you possessed, you were just an ordinary human being to him. He would help you in any way that he could with his last dime. There was no obstacle too big or too small for him to overcome. He was just that great!

What I Learned From My Father

I can make a long list of things that I learned while I had him here on earth with me for 26 years but I will say this: I can't replace the lessons learned nor will I try because those lessons are why I am here today and what I have become. He taught me how to be an independent woman and work hard to get what you want. He told me that education was the most important thing to obtain and that was the one thing that no one could take away from me. He taught me to reach for the sky because you have no limits. He struggled on this earth just so I could have everything my heart desired. He truly was there for me every step of the way. He said he would never let another man raise me or let the government tell him how to take care of his. My father truly stood up as a man, father, daddy, husband, uncle, brother, and so much more.

To My Earthly Father and My Father In Heaven

I thank you father becasue you were so good to me. I thank you for teaching me and helping me along the way. I thank you for loving me in spite of everything I've done. I thank you father for keeping me. I just want to thank you for being you.

God Bless
Daddy's Little Girl

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